13 Twists That Took Place In Daayan Last Week

Daayan comes to know that Rimpy is the girl who has a Trishul mark, while Janhvi and Veer come to know about the king's dead body.

Akarsh as Daayan

In the recent past, we saw Janhvi is about to know the secret of Daayan but because of Vikram, she has to smartly continue her plan without Vikram knowing that she is not his wife! The story has taken an interesting twist with the revelation of Akarsh being a Daayan.

Here are the 13 highpoints of the show from the last week:

1. Prithvi tries to strangle Janhvi but luckily Veer and Vijyesh come at the right time to save her.

Bhaiya tries to kill Janhavi in Daayan
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Watch the latest episode of Daayan below:

2. Veer suggests a plan to beat Akarsh so that the Daayan inside him reveals herself.

Veer and Vijayesh from Daayan
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3. Rimpy records the video of Chandrika talking to Nandini about Akarsh.

Rimpy from Daayan
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4. Rimpy falls on the ground and this incident leaves the ‘Trishul’ mark on Rimpy’s forehead.

The trishul mark on Rimpy
Source: ZEE5

5. Prithvi and his wife find out that the girl with the Trishul mark is Rimpy.

Bahiya and Bhabi under Daayan's control
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6. Aunty, through a photo, tells Janhvi to search for the dead body of the king.

Janhvi knows about the kings body in Daayan
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7. Prithvi is about to take Rimpy to the Daayan but then Janhvi comes and saves her with the help of Veer and Vijyesh.

Rimpy saved by Janhvi in Daayan
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8. Dipank comes to meet Rimpy but then Veer doubts that he might be Daayan who has disguised as Dipank. And later they come to know that Prithvi disguised as Dipank as he is under Daayan’s control.

Dipank from Daayan
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9. Veer ties a Rudraksha outside the door of Akarsh’s room so that if he is able to break it then he is normal but if he can’t then everyone will come to know that he is Daayan.

Veer from Daayan
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10. Prithvi and bhabi go near the dead body of the king and Veer and Janhvi follow them. 

Daayan Veer and Janhvi follow bhaiya
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11. Akarsh then comes near the room but finds out that Janhvi and Veer have taken away the dead body of the king. 

Daayan Akarsh
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12. Akarsh then uses his kavatch to get into the temple and takes Dimpy with him.

Daayan Akarsh kidnaps Rimpy
Source: ZEE5

13. Just when Veer is about to dispose of the king’s body, Janhvi stops him saying he was the king and should be respected as one.

Daayan Veer and Janhvi
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Will Veer come to know Akrash’s truth?

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