4 Things Both Your Family And The Bhallas Are Discussing Under Lockdown, Watch Trailer

We all enjoy discussions, don’t we? These discussions in the Bhalla family in the trailer of Bhalla Calling Bhalla are relatable yet hilarious.

Still from Bhalla Calling Bhalla on ZEE5

While the world goes through the Coronavirus lockdown, ZEE5 is bringing you relatable content that is a mirror of the times we are living in currently. Bhalla Calling Bhalla releases on 20 May  2020, and it is set to bring the story of a middle-class Indian family from Gurugram under lockdown. This one of a kind series is made completely under lockdown and has multiple video calls just like your daily life. The series is written by Sumrit Shahi and Durjoy Dutta, who were also the writing duo of Never Kiss your Best Friend.

Watch the trailer for Bhalla Calling Bhalla here.

The series stars Lubna Salim as Mrs. Lovely Bhalla Rajesh Kumar as Mr. Bhalla, Leenesh Mattoo as Sahil Bhalla (son), Gracy Goswami as Lisa aka Arundhati Bhalla (daughter) and Gaurav Gera as Gaurav Singh a.k.a Gogi, Lovely’s brother. This series follows the lives of these five family members as they try to get through the lockdown living away from each other.

Here are a few topics we will see discussed in this series that you might have heard at your home too.

1. Cooking and cleaning 

The series will talk about how moms were quite under-appreciated until the lockdown began. Once everyone had to cook their own food, clean their own rooms and they soon realised the importance their mother had in their lives. The regular complaints and hurrying to get groceries are highly relatable and funny.

2. Becoming spiritual

In times of trouble and doubt, everyone is turning towards religion once again to get through the lockdown. The series will see the parents trying to convince everyone that by praying the virus is going to go away.

3. Fake forwards

The series offers a real-life look at how fake forwards work within a family. If you have had to prove to your family that the virus doesn’t spread through pets and other such rumours and false messages then this show will truly reflect your problem.

4. Talking about relatives

With more time on their hands, families are coming closer together now more than ever. Relatives who were once long lost are now regular contacts. This series will see Lovely reconnecting with her brother Gogi who is now a Yogi.

What is the funniest part of living under lockdown with your family? Let us know in the comments below. Watch the newly released seasons of Baarish and REJCTX streaming on ZEE5. Watch the cast live on the ZEE5 Instagram page tomorrow.