4 Times Saumya Tandon Stood Up For Global Causes And Voiced Her Unapologetic Opinions

Gender neutrality, mental health, breaking labels, and vitiligo are some causes that Saumya Tandon aka BGPH's Anita Bhabi fights for! Read more here.

Saumya Tandon Activist - Bhabi Ji

Television host and actress Saumya Tandon essays the character of Anita Vibhuti Narayan Mishra in &TV’s most popular comedy serial Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain! She plays a classy and elite woman who runs grooming classes independently while her husband Vibhuti Narayan Mishra is unemployed. Unlike her neighbour Anita bhabi, she is self-aware and cognisant of her surroundings. And so is Saumya Tandon in real life! Apart from acting, she actively stands up for global causes, voicing out her unapologetic opinions on racial discrimination, gender inequality, labelling, and more.

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1. Gender neutrality and equality.

A few days before International Women’s Day, on 4 March 2020, Saumya Tandon took to Instagram and spread awareness about the gender-neutral colour, yellow. As a new mother, she pledged #ImwithYellow to shatter the clichés of blue being a boys’ colour and pink being girls’. She opined that nothing matters more than the health of a baby!

She calls out gender stereotypes by stating facts like how most fashion designers and beauty professional are males. We have the Indian Women’s Cricket Team and a lot of females are bikers as well. She raises a question that why do people divide genders into two colours right from a baby’s birth? Disapproving of the gender stereotype, she announces that she stands for gender equality and a neutral colour: yellow!

2. Vitiligo: A common cause of loss of skin pigment.

Saumya Tandon acknowledges that the world is learning slowly to embrace all races and skin colours, be it fair, brown, black, yellow, pale, etc. But she spreads awareness about two colours on one skin. The condition is called vitiligo, in which there is a loss of pigment with no clear cause. She says that people with vitiligo are beautiful and we should never stigmatise them or make them feel abnormal. She encourages everyone to celebrate two shades on a person and make the world a beautiful place!

3. Typecasting and labelling actors.

While she was hosting Dance India Dance Season 3, she was typecast as a sexy and glamorous host. Though taking it positively, she voiced, “It is my job to break labels”. On being asked about her role in &TV’s comedy daily soap, she said, “I would take it as a compliment that I’ve been able to come in that space again because I feel it’s very difficult to make people laugh and look genuine.” Her Instagram post caption read, “Happy breaking images actors get with characters they play. Day 63, #100HappyDaysWithSaumya.”

4. Mental and physical health.

Saumya Tandon is an advocate for her as well as other people’s mental and physical health. Believing that it is important to work out and stay fit, she also says that one shouldn’t put their body through a lot of stress in order to achieve a perfect body. Actors get mentally exhausted after emoting all day and are unable to hit the gym. At such times, one can try yoga and meditation at home. Undisturbed sleep of 6-8 hours is a must, she says!

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