5 Binge-Watch Rituals You Should Follow While Watching Thriller Movies

Here are some pro tips to prepare yourself to watch the mind-boggling and engaging thrillers from Posham Pa To Commando 3 available on ZEE5.

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Who’s the killer? What is going to happen next? Thrillers are films that engross you completely and you still cannot predict what happens at the end. ZEE5 has a wide range of thrillers from romantic thrillers like Yeh Saali Aashiqui to psychological thrillers like Abhay and Posham Pa. This also includes patriotic thrillers like State Of Siege: 26/11, Commando 3, and Code M.

Watch a sneak-peek of State of Siege: 26/11 and Commando 3 here.

Thrillers are a good way to keep your mind working with their unpredictable characters, shocking plot twists, and surprising endings. Here are some things you should definitely do while watching thrillers films.

1. Don’t read the synopsis. When you are watching a thriller film, the best experience is to jump directly into the film without knowing too much about the story and finding out more as you go along with the film.

2. Put on your thinking cap, because there might be quite a few twists along the way. Try and see if you can predict what is going to come next. This is also a good way to keep your mind working during the lockdown too.

3. Watch with a group. The real fun of watching a thriller comes in a group. Each one will have different theories about who is the killer and what is going to happen next. If you get it right, you get bragging rights for being considered smarter than the others too.

4. Watch it at night when there are no distractions and no work to be done. This way you won’t have to pause the film or end up missing important scenes which might help you guess what’s about to happen next.

5. Keep munchies ready and a little extra will do. You will not realise how many snacks you have been eating because you will be too engrossed in the film to take your eyes off the screen and look at the snack packets.

What is your pro tip to follow while watching thriller films? Let us know in the comments below.

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