5 Reasons You Should Watch Broken But Beautiful Season 2 With All Your Heart

Starring Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi, the web series started streaming on ZEE5 from 27 November 2019.

1. What happens to Veer and Sameera?

Love is all you need, The Beatles got it all right. But what if you had your perfect love story and you ruined it? Can you find your one true love again? Broken But Beautiful Season 2 is all about love 2.0. Season 1 of the web series ended with Veer (Vikrant Massey) and Sameera (Harleen Sethi) at the lake, deciding to take life one day at a time. They agree to just get through the day, put one foot in front of the other and see where it goes. The climax had set the tone and ball rolling for a second season.

So, where do Veer and Sameera stand today? Find out in the all-new episodes!

2. The 'we too' feeling

mentalhood quiz mom
mentalhood quiz mom

In the words of Lord Byron, “The heart will break, the broken will live on.” Veer and Sameera are ‘doppelganger souls’ attached by a common heartache. Their characters are anyone who has ever suffered heartbreak in real life. The narratives running through the episodes of struggling to let go, holding oneself responsible for the breakup, being cagey after a bad relationship are all something many of us can relate to. The beauty of the series lies in the intensity and delicateness of the approach.

When you see Harleen drunk dial her ex-boyfriend or Vikrant having flings and anger management issues – the scenes might remind you of your own ex(s) and heartbreak.

3. Vikrant Massey

Both Vikrant and Harleen endearingly own their characters Veer and Sameera, respectively. So much so that at one point you start to identify them by their roles. Vikrant has a reputation for acing his performances and continues his streak with Broken but Beautiful. His character is both vulnerable and silly. But something inside him changes after he meets Sameera and things progress between them. We could see sparks but the chemistry is yet to be explored further in the upcoming season.

4. Harleen Sethi

Harleen plays the clingy, jilted lover who refuses to let go. As Sameera, her stint is delightful but also painful in some scenes to watch. However, she keeps it charming nonetheless. The freshness makes you want to see more of her!

5. A romantic love saga

Who doesn’t love a love story? If you are utterly up for an out and out romance fest, Broken but Beautiful season 2 is what you should watch! There is love, there is friendship, there is romance and there is heartbreak, too.

Broken But Beautiful will premiere on ZEE5 on 27th November 2019. Watch Vikrant Massey play the role of Arjun Kapoor’s best friend in Half Girlfriend, streaming on ZEE5.