5 Statements Made By Karan Johar On Pinch That Left Us In Awe Of The Bollywood Celebrity

Filmmaker Karan Johar made an appearance on Arbaaz Khan's chat show Pinch recently. Here are 5 of his statements that left us mighty impressed.

1. On being trolled for his sexuality

Karan Johar statement on Pinch serial
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Tinsel town’s in-house critic Karan Johar made quite an appearance at Arbaaz Khan’s new chat show Pinch. The candid and outspoken Bollywood celebrity spoke about getting trolled on social media, his fashion choices, ‘coffee’ controversies and comments on his bold replies. Let’s take a look at five statements KJo made whilst on the show:

Talking about being mocked and made fun of his sexuality, Karan clarified that, “It is my prerogative to talk about my life, my sexuality, my orientation. It is up to me. What I have a problem with is that there’s a level of homophobia and that really bothers me because that’s to me is sick.”

2. On co-parenting his twins Yash and Roohi with mom Hiroo Johar

Karan Johar statement on Pinch show
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Social media users have time and again targeted Karan for raising his twins as a single parent. The filmmaker begs to differ for he has his dearest mother Hiroo Johar to guide him through parenthood. He even mentioned how it pinches him slightly when trolls target his ‘life’s angels’ Yash and Roohi.

3. On waking up to trolls everyday

Karan Johar statement on Pinch
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Trolls are no news to Karan. He has been in the storm of the eyes several times, and unlike initial times, it doesn’t upset or trouble him any more. Now he is in the glorified stage of amusement!

4. On being called out for his fashion choices

Karan Johar quotes on Pinch show
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‘Dress to impress’ doesn’t imply to KJo for he believes one must dress up for one’s own self only. “. I always believe that you should wear something that makes you happy. I feel like wearing the extra zone of bling on me,” added Karan.

5. On trolls asking him to 'man' up

Karan Johar quotes on Pinch
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Trolls have often targeted Karan for they think he is gay. Not that it is anybody’s business! But trust the Simmba maker to take every controversy in his stride and turn it around like magic! Speak of the king of clapbacks.

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