5 Stories Of Hindu Gods In Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha That Were Unknown To Us

Starring Aham Sharma as Vikramaditya, you will be surprised to watch these stories of Hindu gods Shri Ram, Hanuman and Lord Shiva.

Vikram Betaal

Vikram Betaal
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The spellbinding stories of Vikram Betaal have been our favourite since childhood. We remember how Betaal, the wily ghost, used to tell stories to the King which were followed by moral questions. Here is the interesting part, as soon as the king used to give the right answer Betaal used to go back to the banyan tree and the king had to go back and resume his journey again. Today, we bring you some stories which were not only interesting but also unknown as they were related to our favourite Hindu gods.

1. Ram Beheaded Himself

Ram Behead Himself
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The first story is related to the legendary tale of Ramayana. Ram who is known as one of the most praised Hindu gods had to fight with the evil Ravana as he spent his 7 years in the forests. In this story of Ramayana, we see Ram had to behead himself. In every story told to us, we haven’t heard of this incident and that is what makes this story worth watching. Watch it here.

2. Kunti Killed Her Own Son Arjun Through His Brother

Arjun From Vikram Betaal
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The great Mahabharata is known as one of the greatest stories that have been told in the world. The story of the rivalry between Pandavas and Kauravas is known to every Indian kid. But did you know the brave warrior Arjun was killed by her own mother Kunti as she told her another son to kill Arjun? Watch it here.

3. Ahilya Was Insulted By Her Own People

Ahilya Devi
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The great warrior princess Ahilya Bai was known to be a strong headed woman who fought against the men who thought disrespected women. In her life, even she had to go through something that is unimaginable. Ahilya had to suffer from public insult as the people of her own kingdom pelted stones on her. Watch the story here.

4. How Did Hanuman Forget His Powers?

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The god of strength and the mightiest superhero of all is Hanuman, but did you know even he was cursed by a pandit to forget his powers? As much as this story sounds interesting, it is even more interesting how he got his powers back? Watch the story here.

5. Lord Shiva Killed His Own Son-In-Law

Shiva Killed Banar
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Lord Shiva is known to be the humblest and loving God in Hindu mythology. The family of Shiva is well known to everyone be it Lord Ganesh, Lord Karthikeya or his wife Mata Parvati. But did you know, Lord Shiva had a daughter? You heard it right! This story of Lord Shiva about him killing the husband of Kashi’s, Banar, who was his own son-in-law. Watch it here.

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