5 Ways To Look Younger In Your 50s Like Aasif Sheikh Aka Vibhuti Mishra Of Bhabi Ji…

A 20 minutes work-out every day will help you keep yourself healthy and energized like Aasif Sheikh.

Aasif Sheikh is forever young

How do you see yourself in your 50s? Well, that’s something only time can tell but it will surely be the result of how you treat your body today and how you take care of it. Our TV celebs work hard to maintain themselves to look good and stay fit and Vibhutiji from And TV’s popular show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain is no less. Our beloved nulla is 53. Yes, you read that right! Take a look at his performance on the show:

Well, if you too want to be as fit as Aasif, then here are 5 things you need to start following now onwards.

Exercise: The word doesn’t mean you have to particularly hit the gym and lift heavy weights, but you can also try some light exercises at home as well.

Stay active: If we decide to step out of the comfort zone and move our body then we can do it with simple things like using the stairs instead of lift (only if it’s the matter of few floors).

No stress no mess: In our day to day life stress has become a common problem for every individual. But it doesn’t help, and you can avoid it by not overthinking. Try and meditate for a few minutes to de-stress.

Eat healthy: Your body is what you feed and eating healthy and avoiding spicy or food which doesn’t suit your body will help you keep your tummy happy and you healthy.

Drink healthy: We often concentrate on eating that we totally ignore what are we are drinking because our drinking habits are equally responsible for our health. Just adding a reminder for drinking water every 30 mins will keep you hydrated to stay fresh and active all day.

Feel free to add and share more tips by commenting them below.