6 Characters Who Were Suspected Of Being The Real Daayan, But Are Not!

Aakarsh, Janhvi, Chandrika... here is a list of all the characters who were suspected to be the real Daayan.

1. Chandrika

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At the beginning of the show, Chandrika was the one who tells Janhvi about Daayan and how powerful she is.  Janhvi sees a dream where Chandrika takes a boy along with her and vanishes from the railway platform. Later, Janhvi meets Chandrika at Aakarsh’s hotel as his assistant. Though she was the first suspect of being the real Daayan, she reveals that she has cruel intentions but she is not the Daayan.

2. Maanvi

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Maanvi is shown as Janhvi’s sister who committed suicide for some reason which Janhvi was not aware of. Dipank who is Maanvi’s husband tells Janhvi that people started calling her Daayan thinking that she does the black magic inside her house. On the other hand, Janhvi’s family members did not accept their marriage which is why she was stressed. He told her that they both were living a good life until  Daayan possessed Maanvi and she was about to kill her own daughter. After knowing this she could not forgive herself and jumped from the terrace of their house. Just like you, we also thought that it was Maanvi’s spirit who was called Daayan but this wasn’t true either.

3. Vishakha

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Janhvi’s Bhabi and Prithvi’s wife wanted to have a baby but due to some medical issues, they couldn’t. During the Godbharai of Janhvi’s sister-in-law, Vishaka was seen doing some suspicious activity. Janhvi, with the help of Vijyesh, tries to reveal if she was the real Daayan but even this wasn’t the truth as she was trying to do black magic to have kids as suggested by a Tantrik baba.

4. Prithvi

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Just when everyone doubted Vishakha, we saw Prithvi scolding her for doing the things wrong and even he was one of the suspects as he was involved in the black magic. But just like Vishakha, even he wanted to have a child which is why they started doing black magic. Later they were possessed by the Daayan and controlled by her but it was clear that they were not Daayan.

5. Janvhi

Janhvi knows about the kings body in Daayan
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You heard that right! In the show, Janhvi who is trying her best to fight against the Daayan was also a suspect of being a Daayan herself who does not know her powers. As interesting as it sounds, it was even more interesting to watch. Janhvi goes to the Daayan’s den and there the Daayan makes her one of her slaves. She then manages to go to the Patal Lok and with the help of Godess Patali, she gets rid of the Daayan.

6. Aakarsh

Akarsh reveals his Daayan avatar
Source: ZEE5

This was one of the most shocking revelations on the TV show Daayan as we never thought that this would be possible under any circumstances. Aakarsh who has been supporting Janhvi in her fight against the Daayan was shown as one of the Daayan. But apparently, even he is not the real Daayan as he is her son who also has similar powers and evil mind like her. But despite being a Daayan he falls in love with Janhvi and that’s why he is not allowing his mother to kill Janhvi or her family.

Who do you think is the real Daayan? Let us know your guesses in the comments section below.

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