6 Signs That Your Sibling Is Exactly Like Chamchi Of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan offers a variety of characters that we can relate to with the people we meet in our real life.


The personality of an individual depends upon the environment they have been brought up in. People often express how the behaviour of their siblings affected their overall personality, and what they are today. This can be counted as a positive thing, as well as negative. We often see such characters not only in Indian movies and TV shows but also in real life. Recently, the comedy TV show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan was launched and we are enjoying it to the core. The show offers a variety of characters under the same roof, and some of them may actually resemble the people we know in real life.

While we say this, watch the latest episode of the show below:

If you are trying to connect the dots between the first few lines and the show then we will help you with that. One of the interesting characters on the show is Chamchi. This kid of Happu Singh loves to give all the news update to her Dadi (Katori Amma). She is fun to watch, but does this character remind you of someone in your real life? Then you need to check these signs which will help you deal with the Chamcha or Chamchi in your life.

  1. Gossiping is their birthright: You might think that why would someone do wrong to others, but these people feel as if telling a secret to the wrong person is their birthright and they feel sad if they fail to do so.
  2. In search of updates: In order to be the first to tell the news, they need to be updated about everyone around them. Which is why they tend to seek news from each and every source possible.
  3. You can’t really trust them when it comes to secrets: You tell them not to tell anyone about something and you will find out that the world knows about it the second you turn back.
  4. Possessive about their own things: These people are insecure about their own life because of their own doing. They continuously feel that others are interested in their lives and are afraid to talk about it to anyone (Karma you see).
  5. Comparison with everyone: They just can’t accept that someone else is better than them and they keep on comparing their success with others to feel good.
  6. Sadistic Pleasure: This sounds rude but it is true. These people are happy when others are going through a tough time.

Have you ever come across these signs amongst your cousins, siblings or friends? Then you need to keep a safe distance from them, and put your guards on.

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