7 Photos That Prove Ayyaz Ahmed’s Love For His Bike!

Baiju Kanpuria of Agnifera considers motorcycles to be his eternal soulmates.

Ayyaz Ahmed with his bike

One of the well-known faces of Indian television is Ayyaz Ahmed. His epic performance in And TV’s popular show Agnifera has garnered him a lot of appreciation. Apart from acting and writing beautiful poetry, not many would be aware of this that Ayyaz is a biking enthusiast. Yes! You read that right. His love for bikes is not known to many. Recently, we came across watching a photo shoot of the actor with his Harley Davidson. Take a look at the pictures, it is quite evident that his love and passion for bikes is something which cannot be explained.

1. The perfect pose

The proud owner Ayyaz strikes a perfect pose with his love, his bike.

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2. True love

The feeling of washing your own bike is only understood by a bike enthusiast.

3. Forever ka passion

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Given a chance he might always choose his bike over any materialistic thing.

4. The bike enthusiast

A leather Jacket, Torn Jeans and a Black Beauty!

5. Can’t look away from it

Just look at Ayyaz’s stare at his bike. Looks like he can’t stay away from it.

6. Hold me close

This is how much close he is to his bike in a literal sense!

7. Let’s go for a ride

Passion and safety go hand in hand.

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