7 Signs That Say You Are With An Obsessive Lover Like Vivek Aka Rohan Shah Of #Hacked

Crazy and obsessive lovers can leave you with #NowhereToHide. Hina Khan's debut film showcases how you can identify offenders like Vivek.

Hacked - Rohan Shah

Wu ji bi fan means too much of good stuff is bad stuff! And that is exactly what happened when one’s love for someone turns into an obsession. One such story is told by director Vikram Bhatt through the psychological thriller film Hacked on ZEE5. It stars Hina Khan in the role of Sameera Khanna aka Sam, a career-oriented woman. Her neighbour Vivek, played by Rohan Shah, is a 19-year old boy whose crush on Sam turns into a mad obsession. When Sam rejects Vivek’s proposal, he hacks all her social media accounts and makes her life miserable, leaving her #NowhereToHide! To identify such offenders, here are 10 signs of an obsessive lover:

But first, watch the spooky trailer here:

1. Emotionally blackmails or threatens you

One should reconsider being with a person who emotionally blackmails or threatens you to be with them just like Vivek was mad after Sameera. They know that they can use your love, your kindness as a weapon to manipulate you. No partner should be forced to experience or witness such a bizarre and toxic show of love!

2. Lover turned stalker

This behaviour of a lover should not be confused with concern and love. A relationship is all about trust but some people have the habit of keeping a constant track of their lover’s activities. Stalking starts with something simple like following your GPS location or landing at your birthday party and offering to help as Vivek did to Sameera, ending with sex!

3. Insists to know your passwords

Have you ever caught your boyfriend/girlfriend checking on your best friend’s chat on your phone? Does your partner insist that you should share all your passwords with them? These are signs that you are dating a highly insecure person and insecurity can turn people into obsessive lovers!

4. The person is too clingy

Most relationships have a picture-perfect beginning where the lovers want to share every detail of their life with each other. But does your partner demand your attention on every minute thing? Basically they want your world to revolve around them. Such clingy behaviour can be considered as a red flag.

Rohan Shah as Vivek in Hacked
Rohan Shah as Vivek in Hacked

5. Excessive jealousy

Jealousy is an obsessed person’s best friend. Take it as a warning sign if your partner gets offended or grows jealous for trivial reasons like someone complimenting you or you spending an evening with friends. Jealousy and insecurity get worse when a person starts acting suspiciously to satisfy their whims and fancy. It’s better to avoid such people.

6. Wanting to be in touch constantly

All of us seek attention at some point in time but it doesn’t mean your partner has the right to spam your inbox with irrelevant messages or incessantly call you throughout the day or send you voice mail just to be in touch with you. The desire to be in constant touch with a lover is a subtle sign of obsessive behaviour.

7. Disrespect for personal space and privacy

One common trait of an obsessive person is that they don’t have a life of their own. It can be very irritating when your lover spends too much time with you, leaving you with no opportunity to socialise with anyone else including family and friends. A person who has no respect for your personal space should have no place in your life, right?

Let us know about your thoughts on the same in the comments section below! There’s #NowhereToHide from Hina Khan and Rohan Shah’s psychological thriller film Hacked, streaming on ZEE5!

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