8 Quick Tips To Look Stylish And Suave In Formals Just Like Himanshu Malhotra

These tips by the Paramavtar Shri Krishna actor will help you ace the dressing game.

Himanshu Malhotra in formals

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that when it comes to style, actor Himanshu A. Malhotra is a style icon, without a doubt. The actor is seen playing the character of Lord Vishnu in the popular And TV mythological show Paramavtar Shri Krishna. Have a look at his performance on the show:

Besides the acting part, the actor has a good taste in clothes. Whether he chooses to wear traditional clothes or western attire, his dressing style is simply incredible and brilliant. If we have a close look at Himanshu Malhotra’s Instagram account, it is evidently seen that he looks his stylish best when he opts to wear formals.

There are no two ways about it that dressing better makes you look good and your style statement is always noticed. So, do you wish to look like a dapper just like Himanshu? We bring to you some important tips which will help your formal dressing look stylish than others. What are you waiting for? Take a look…

  1. The most basic rule of formal dressing is to match your belt colour with your shoes. Similarly, your tie and shirt should compliment each other. Try and opt for a light-coloured shirt when wearing a bright hued tie.
  2. A white shirt is the keystone of any tailored look. The other options you can also give a try to funky shirts like the ones with floral prints, polka dots or the ones with checks and stripes. Team them with a black jacket and off-white pants.
  3. Try playing with different styles of pocket squares to stand out. Adding a patterned pocket square will give a very interesting touch to your simple plain suit.
  4. It also gives you an opportunity to add a pop of colour to your suit which can help in breaking the monotony.
  5. Try different hues of ties to create a statement look. The same suit can be transformed with different tie colours.
  6. Ties are a statement but sometimes going tie-less can make a bigger style statement. Replace your tie with a pair of nice cufflinks and try to give a twist to your same regular look.
  7. If you are reaching out for a solid shirt, a little textured or patterned trouser will look interesting or you can go for solid pants and a modest patterned shirt.
  8. Shoes are literally something which can make or break a smart look. The selection of the right pair completes your formal look. The colour of your socks should compliment your shoes.

We are sure that by now you have an idea what things you need to keep in mind before dressing according to the occasion.

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