Agnifera Actor Ayyaz Ahmed’s Poems Will Fill Your Heart With Love

Ahmed has surprised us with his expressive poetry, have a look

Ayyaz Ahmed poems

There is no limit to talent. As we say this, there are many examples in front of us from the telly world. One amongst them is Ayyaz Ahmed from Agnifera. But little did we know that the actor is also an exceptional writer whose association with writing poetry goes back to his childhood. Being very much active on social media, Ayyaz has always kept his fans updated by posting his poems on Instagram. With a positive response received from his admirers, here we bring you some of his best works. Take a look

However, his on-screen character Baiju is exactly the opposite of Ayyaz in real life, have a look:

1. A poem on words – Alfaaz.

We are out of words to explain how beautifully he has written this.

2. A poem on heart.

We love it. What about you?

3. A poem on hope – Khwahish. 

Deep, isn’t it?

4. A poem on time – Waqt.

So true! Time doesn’t stop for anybody.

5. A poem on romance – Khel Khel Mein.

His poem Khel Khel Mein is indeed beautiful, and a bit flirtatious.

6. A poem on love 

Such touching words and lines.

7. A poem on self 

It’s so difficult to describe yourself in just a few words or lines. But, Ayyaz does it so perfectly and we love him for who he is.

Lets us know which poem by the actor did you like the most in the comments below. And if you are a romantic at heart, ZEE5 has a perfect ‘Love’ collection for you.