Agnifera’s Ankit Gera, Sara Khan’s Boyfriend, Is A Rockstar In The Making

Apart from acting, this talent of Ankit is exceptionally good.

Ankit Gera

Time and again, it comes as no surprise to us that many of our favourite stars working in the TV industry possess multiple talents. This is the reason that makes them true entertainers. Now, And TV’s popular show Agnifera has successfully kept it’s viewer’s hooked over the time with its engaging content. And when there’s a mention of Agnifera, how can we forget our favourite character Anurag played by Ankit Gera. The actor has won everyone’s hearts with his brilliant performance, take a look:

But, apart from Ankit’s acting skills, what really comes as a surprise is that he possesses the talent of exceptional singing. Recently, we came across watching some videos on his Instagram account where the actor is set to leave you mesmerised with his singing skills. Don’t believe us? Have a look at these videos of ‘singer’ Ankit below:

Old is Gold

The actor is seen not only singing but also playing the guitar so beautifully that it proves he is a brilliant singer/ rockstar in the making.

Dedicated to all the Fans

Music can heal all the pain you can never imagine.

Because everybody needs a break!

Wow! Isn’t that just superb? The actor’s voice is magical and perfectly shows his eternal love for music. Though the actor feels to be a bathroom singer, as he himself captions that in most of his videos. We seriously feel that he is no less than a singer who can give some professional ones a run for their money! Don’t you agree?

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