And TV’s Popular Mythological Show Santoshi Maa Is Coming Back With Its Second Season!

The second season will have a new cast and a similar storyline. The show is set to launch by the end of November.

Santoshi Maa

The popular mythological show Santoshi Maa was a hit and had a run time of 2 years which is nearly 500 episodes. Produced by Rashmi Sharma, the show was based on the story of Santoshi, an ardent devotee of Santoshi Maa played by the actress Ratan Rajput. We also saw the popular actress Gracy Singh playing the role of the goddess Santoshi.

Watch the first season on ZEE5 anytime.

We recently informed you about the first season of the show being telecasted and also asked if you would like to watch the second season. Guess what? Things turned real and the producer of the show decided to bring the second season of the show. While the base storyline will be similar to the first one, we will see a new star cast and characters in the show.

Watch the preview below:

The story will revolve around the character of Swati, a 21-year old devotee of Santoshi Maa who is beautiful, kind-hearted and has traditional yet modern values. She is educated, religious and impulsive as well. The second main character is Indresh, a 25-year-old, who is a supportive & caring husband to Swati. He is a devotee of Lord Shiva, fearless & innocent. The third important character is Sighasan Singh, a 55-years old, Indresh’s father. He is extremely egoistic & patriarchal and doesn’t believe in education and is very orthodox.

While the characters of Santoshi Maa and Polami stay the same, the whole cast will be new. It will be interesting to see which actor or actress will be selected for these roles. Especially Swati and Santoshi Maa who were earlier played by Ratan Rajput and Gracy Singh.

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