Baarish Season 1 Episode 20 Review: Gauravi Confesses Her Feeling For Anuj

In the latest episode, Gauravi takes Anuj's blame on herself and the latter tries to save her. Gauravi confesses her love for Anuj and he cries.


In the previous episode of BaarishAnuj’s mother gets discharged from the hospital and tells her son to get back Gauravi. Anuj calls Gauravi and tells her to meet him. Anuj is shocked seeing Shreya at the door. Shreya apologises to Anuj for being the reason for his separation from Gauravi. Anuj meets Gauravi, and informs her about Shreya’s return. He tells Gauravi that he wants her to come back home. Gauravi makes Anuj understand that she does not want to come between him and his family. The police come to arrest Anuj in the restaurant fire case and tell him that his property is illegal.

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In the latest episode, the police send Anuj behind the bars, and his friends come to meet him. Even Gauravi comes to meet Anuj with her brother Aniket. She gets teary-eyed seeing him in jail, and promises to help him. Anuj gets bail and asks Saurabh about Rishi. Anuj reaches home and asks about Gauravi, and his family lies to him. He loses his calm at Rishi and says that this is not the way to do business. Saurabh tells Anuj that his brother Rishi left the country and ran away leaving Anuj shocked!  Rishi sends a video message saying that he is not responsible for the restaurant fire, but his elder brother Anuj is. Anuj’s mother tells him that Gauravi took a drastic step to save him and took the blame on herself. Anuj cries his heart out thinking about Gauravi’s decision. He vows to save Gauravi.

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Gauravi remembers that Anuj told him that he made her the partner of the restaurant. He meets her in jail and asks Gauravi why she took the blame. She confesses her love for Anuj and the latter gets surprised.

What will happen next? Will Rishi confess his crime? Watch all episodes of Baarish, streaming now only on ZEE5.


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