Best Moments From Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Last Week

Here's a quick recap of all the fun and the drama that you missed on Happu Ki Ultan Paltan last week.

Happu Singh and His Wife Rajesh

In the last week of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, we saw Kamlesh is entering Kat and Malika’s bedroom through the window. As soon as Malika sees someone entering their bedroom, she starts beating Kamlesh. Kat then wakes up and sees Malika beating Kamlesh, she immediately runs to save him.

Watch the week in short below:

Malika then asks the reason why he has come this late to meet Kat. Kamlesh then tells her that he has brought Imarti for Kat as she was feeling upset, and also to create question paper for Ranbir and Happu’s exam. Next morning, Rajesh is worried about how will Ranbir pass the exam. She then calls Hrithik and tells him to click a photograph of the question paper in the mobile phone. Hrithik agrees to do it, and in return wants a new cricket bat.

On the day of the exam, Happu comes home all prepared but then Malika stops him and checks if he is carrying any chits to cheat in the exam. Happu asks her why is she doing so and she replies that knowing him, she cannot trust a corrupt police officer like him.

After all the checks are done, Ranbir and Happu sit for the exam but then Amma comes in and asks both of them to cancel the exam saying they will take care of the studies of all the children together.

Next morning, one person who is a doctor comes to complain about his car that has been robbed. But he also says that it was a car with no use so it won’t be of any profit to the robber. Hearing this, Happu tells him to not to place a complaint if he knows that the car was of no use. The doctor agrees to it but before he leaves Happu asks him for any good exercise for Amma as she has a high sugar level. The Doctor gives a piece of advice which is useful but too blunt to accept. 

Everybody tries to make Amma do the workout, but she doesn’t really take efforts to do so. In the evening, Rajesh makes special halwa for Amma. This makes Amma feel suspicious because when the children demand to have the halwa, Happu and Rajesh both tell the children that it is not meant for them as it is specially made for Amma. Happu and Rajesh then forcefully feed the Halwa to Amma but later she smartly spits out the halwa unbeknownst to Happu and Rajesh.

What was mixed with the Halwa? Keep watching to know more.

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