Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain 19 April 2019 Written Update: Vibhuti Gifts A Nose Ring To Angoori

Vibhuti's uncle gifts a nose ring to Anita, but Vibhuti decides to give it to Angoori as she wanted it badly.

Vibhuti in a still from the Show

In the previous episode, we saw Nazuk refuses to marry Tiwari, and Angoori feels better after this. She and her father finally leave Tiwari’s house. Later, Angoori tells Tiwari that her Nath is broken and she needs a new one. Tiwari doesn’t listen to her and asks her that he won’t get it now. Their conversation is heard by Vibhuti, as thinks that Tiwari is being a selfish person who cannot buy a new Nath for his wife.

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In tonight’s episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, Vibhuti is sitting at home and reading the newspaper. His uncle comes to meet him saying

Vibhuti comes to meet Angoori and asks her why is she upset, Angoori then tells him that she is not in the mood to talk to him now and requests him to come later. Vibhuti then tells her that Anita has sent a gift from Lakhimpur kheeri. Hearing this Angoori gets happy and asks what is it. Vibhuti gives the box to Angoori and asks her to open and see it herself. Angoori then opens it and gets surprised to see the nose ring. She then asks him that she will call Anita right away and thank for the nose ring. Vibhuti then tells her that Anita has asked him that she will be busy for the next week and she shall call her next week only.

At night Tiwari tells Angoori that next morning he will take Angoori to the market to buy a nose ring. Angoori then tells him that the problem of her broken nose ring has already been solved as Anita has gifted her a beautiful nose ring.

Later at night Vibhuti’s uncle comes at his house and asks him that he has come to take the nose ring back as aunty needs it back. Vibhuti then tells uncle that it cant be taken back as he has gifted it to Angoori bhabi. Next morning, everyone is complimenting about her nose ring and then, Vibhuti comes and tells Angoori that the nose ring is not at all suiting Angoori and she needs to remove and throw it right away. Angoori gets shocked to hear such words from Vibhuti and gets upset for Vibhuti’s behaviour.

Angoori tells this to Tiwari about how Vibhuti behaved with Angoori. Vibhuti then comes to Tiwari’s house and tells that he is not at all sorry for what he said. Angoori then feels bad and removes the nose ring and gives it to Vibhuti. After coming home Vibhuti curses himself to do such thing to Angoori bhabi. His uncle then comes home and tells Vibhuti that now his wife doesn’t want the same nose ring as she wants a diamond ring instead.

How will Vibhuti gift it back to Angoori and will she accept it? Keep watching to know more.

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