Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain 24 February 2020 Preview: Double Trouble For Manmohan and Vibhuti

In the preview of the next episode, Manmohan and Vibhuti's lookalikes cause trouble. Find out the details inside.

A Still From Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain

In the previous episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, we saw Angoori telling Manmohan that he shouldn’t have misbehaved with Agarwal as the latter had already forgiven Manmohan. After a while, members of Model Colony have gathered for the misbehavior competition. Anita asks everyone to be rude to her. Then, Angoori starts insulting Vibhuti which surprises the latter. After a while, Helen and David begin throwing insults at each other. Later, everyone is excited to know the results of the misbehaviour competition. Saxena Ji pranks Chacha as he gets up to announce the winner. After the competition comes to an end, Angoori regrets being rude to everyone, especially Vibhuti. Anita confesses that it creates a rift in relationships. Angoori promises that she won’t be rude to anyone henceforth.

Watch the full episode here.

In the upcoming episode, we see Angoori talking to Vibhuti’s lookalike. Vibhuti approaches her and asks whom she is talking to. Angoori tells her that she doesn’t recognise who Vibhuti is. She also seems to not recognise Manmohan. On the other hand, Anita is also able to recognise her real husband Vibhuti. Just then, a fake Manmohan enters and Angoori asks him who the other guy is. Vibhuti and Manmohan look confused about it. Later, Vibhuti asks if he’s dreaming. Manmohan pinches him and makes him realise that this is happening for real.

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