Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain 6 March 2019 Preview: Bhoorey Lal Slaps Vibhuti

Angoori's father Bhoorey Lal is upset with Vibhuti. What made him angry?

We are aware of the weird yet funny connection of Angoori bhabi with Dafli, which makes her start dancing whenever she hears it. Vibhuti seeks advantage of this connection and makes Manmohan Tiwari’s life miserable by playing the tambourine every time she is around Tiwariji.

In the preview of tomorrows episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, Tiwari Ji gets irritated with the situation and wants to know what happens to his wife after hearing the sound of Dafli. While trying to do so, Tiwariji tries to play the tambourine and expects Angoori to start dancing. Angoori doesn’t feel like dancing and tells him that it only happens when someone plays it nicely. Suddenly, Vibhuti from his house starts playing the instrument and Angoori starts dancing to the beats.

In the next scene, Vibhuti meets Angoori’s father Bhoorey Lal and tells him about how he made Angoori Bhabi dance by playing the tambourine. This makes Angoori’s father furious and he slaps Vibhuti and asks him why did he play that musical instrument in front of Angoori.

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