Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain Actors Aasif Sheikh And Saumya Tandon Spread Positivity

Vibhuti and Anita have come together to share their love for poetry with their fans in this video, watch it inside!


Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain cast is keeping themselves well engaged during the lockdown. They are playing games, baking goodies and much more. Apart from spending time with their families, the actors are also spending some me-time. They are indulging in the hobbies that they had long forgotten, like singing, dancing, and poetry reciting!

Aasif Sheikh and Saumya Tandon, who play the roles of onscreen couple Vibhuti and Anita, have recently recited a warm poetry for their fans. The duo posted the video on their social media and sent an important message for their fans!

Watch an episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain here.

Saumya and Aasif have recited ‘Zara Faasle Se Mila Karo’ which is a short poem written by Bashir Badr. The Urdu poet’s Nazm is about how one should love themselves through all the hard times. It also says that love, friendship are phases of life, but the only one to stay with you is your own self! This beautiful poem is a massive source of positivity which is much  needed right now. This poem also has a deeper meaning in it.

Aasif and Saumya’s recitation of this poem has won them accolades by their fans. Aasif’s deep baritone and Arabic accent have made it sound much more wonderful. The poem teaches a strong lesson of self-love, life and spirituality. Saumya and Aasif are planning on reciting more poems. Do you want to listen to more poems from them? Comment below!

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