COVID-19: ZEE5 Provides The Latest Updates And News On Coronavirus, So #BeCalmStayInformed

ZEE5 provides all the information that you need to know about COVID-19. Two exclusive channels Dish Positive and Corona Coverage have been launched.


Due to the outbreak of the deadly virus COVID-19 also known as coronavirus, the government is taking strict action to save everyone’s lives. Government has announced 21 days complete lockdown and has started self-quarantine period. ZEE5 has managed to keep the audiences informed and entertained at the same time by providing information about the pandemic. The channel has launched #StayCalmBeInformed campaign which highlights the approach of the coverage to the consumers. Keeping in sync with the OTT platform’s thought of #StayCalmBeEntertained, the channel has launched yet another new campaign titled #StayCalmBeInformed which highlights the fact that accurate information on how to stay safe rather than just updates of cases and deaths is the need of the hour.

Two exclusive channels have been launched by ZEE5– Dish Positive and Corona Coverage. These exclusive channels have been launched to spread awareness and much-needed information to the citizens about the deadly virus.

The Dish Positive channel gives a lot of details about the virus including the symptoms of the virus, precautionary measures, FAQs and state helpline numbers. While, the other channel, Corona Coverage is an information-led channel that comprises all the news that users need to know about COVID-19 including govt advisories, state-wise reports, lockdown updates, India cases, international cases, impact on the stock market, impact on the international economy etc.

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A special page for COVID-19 has been created for the citizens which will contain all the news and updates about the lockdown, international cases, impact on the economy, state-wise reports and so on. Instead of fueling panic among the consumers with daily news, arrangements have been made to push notifications with local coronavirus updates twice a day to every state that carries local information such as health advisories, new government notifications, number of new cases, etc. ZEE5 believes that citizens are in unchartered territory and serving them accurate information (how to stay safe) rather than just updates (cases, deaths) is need of the hour.

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