Daroga Happu Singh’s Hairstyle Was Followed By His Biggest Fan, Guess Who?

Who is Yogesh Tripathi, aka Happu Singh of Bhabi Ji Ghar Pat Hain, biggest fan?

Happu Singh

Actor Yogesh Tripathi is a household name, all thanks to And TV’s popular show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain and his funny character Daroga Happu Singh. No doubt, this role has given him tremendous recognition across the country. When it comes to Happu Singh’s character, not only us but his fans out there are in love with his unique hairstyle. It really adds up more to the fun quotient. Take a look at his hairstyle on the show:

Now, there are fans who have been seen furiously following the hairstyles which are donned by the big screen superstars. But recently, we came across watching an adorable click of Happu Singh’s biggest fan, who was seen copying his hairstyle from the show.

No points for guessing, it is none other than Yogesh Tripathi’s own son, who was seen following his daddy’s onscreen hairstyle. Yes! You read that right. The actor shared this cute picture of his son in Happu Singh’s hairstyle on his Instagram account, have a look:

Isn’t that sweet! Arre dada! These pictures reintroduce us to this chota Daroga Happu Singh. Indeed, after having a look at the junior Happu Singh here, it’s also perfect on our part to say, ‘like father, like son’. Don’t you agree with us?

Have you ever tried his hairstyle? Let us know in the comments section below with #HappuKiUltanPaltan

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