Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R. Ambedkar 14 January 2020 Written Update: Will Bhima’s Family Leave?

In tonight's episode, we see the villagers trying to drive Bhima's family out of his home. Details inside.

A Still From Ambedkar

In tonight’s episode of Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R. Ambedkar, Bhim carries medicine with him for his dear friend Surendra. He wishes to ensure his close friend’s well being, as he knows that Surendra was beaten up by his father, for mingling with Bhim and his brothers. The same is informed to Bhima’s family by her mother, who feels that it is important to ensure that Bhim, does not hang out with Surendra anymore. Outside the school, Bhim hands over the medicine to Surendra and asks him to apply the same. Upon hearing this, Surendra says that he would like Bhim to do the same.

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Bhim feels extremely honoured to hear his dear friend say this and without any further ado, starts applying the medicine. This situation is witnessed by the other students at the school, who relay this exact issue to Surendra’s parents. Soon after, the three brothers decide to leave for home, when Bala says, that he will go to play his favourite instruments, as a part of the musicians’ troop. Anand and Bhim try to stop him but their pleas fail and they realise that their elder brother won’t listen to them at all.

Bhima Bai gets extremely worried when she realises that none of her sons have returned home. Fearing their safety, she sets out to find them. To her horror, she sees Bala playing an instrument with the town musicians, and Bhim and Anand using their skills, to sell bangles. This angers her to no end and she slaps each of her sons and drags all of them, back home. Unknown to her, a different kind of horror awaits her outside her house.

All the villagers have gathered, along with Surendra, whose parents want Bhim and his family to vacate their house. Bhima Bai gets scared and begs the villagers to not inflict such injustice onto her family. Soon, even Surendra joins Bhim in his courtyard and asks his parents to promise him that they won’t throw Bhim’s family out of their house.

In the upcoming episode, the angry mob gets gasoline with the intention of setting up Bhim’s house on fire. Will they succeed? Will Ramji find out? What will happen next? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and catch the latest episodes of Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R. Ambedkar exclusively on ZEE5.