Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R. Ambedkar 16 March 2020 Written Update: Bhima Bai’s Illness Revealed

In tonight's episode, Bhima Bai's fatal illness is exposed in front of her by her eldest son. Ramoji promises that he will not let her die.

A Still Of Bhima Bai

In tonight’s episode, Bhima Bai praises her husband for being an ideal husband and father to the children. She enhances the point that her husband cut down his needs to run a healthy household with the little money he gets. Her husband is unaware of her illness and says how much his family matters to him.

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Meanwhile, when Bhima takes care of his friend and listens to his problems, he gets to know of his mother’s deadly illness through the vaidya. He goes home with his siblings and confronts his mother in front of his father and aunt. Meanwhile, a question is raised regarding Bhima’s abrupt and disrespectful behaviour towards his mother. They follow her inside the house and start questioning her about her health. Her elder son stands up and tells the truth about her deadly illness. He says that if she does not get treated soon, there is a high possibility of her dying.

Listening to this, her husband walks up to her and says he will not let her die. Bhima and his brothers are deeply sad. Bhima sits with his mother and says she is a blessing for him. The next morning, Ramoji gets ready to leave the house with his wife for treatment. While leaving, the elder son of Bhima Bai walks up to his father and says he wants to quit studying and start earning to help the family. Ramoji consoles him saying he will not let his mother die and leaves home. Will Ramoji be able to save his wife from her illness?

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