Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R. Ambedkar 21 February 2020 Written Update: The Villagers Help Bhima

In tonight's episode, the five witnesses sign Bhima's petition to free Ramji. Bhima Bai also sells off her jewelry to arrange for fees.

Ambedkar 21 Feb WU

In tonight’s episode of Ek Mahanayak – Dr B. R. Ambedkar, the goldsmith insults Bhim, Bala and Anand saying that caste system is very natural in society. He boasts that he will always be superior and Bhim will always be inferior. The other villagers also downtrod the poor boys. Bhima Bai learns that Bhim has agreed to the goldsmith’s condition to leave the village if he loses the legal battle of Ramji’s case. She wants to scold Bhim, but his aunt stops her and says that Bhim has done the right thing! To arrange for the barrister’s fees to fight the case, Bhima Bai removes all her jewellery and wraps it in a cloth. Bala and Anand are extremely disheartened to watch this. One of the villagers urges all the others to sign Bhima’s petition for Ramji’s release.

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Then, one by one all the villagers give their thumb impression on the petition, with the hope to abolish casteism and live happier lives someday. When the goldsmith learns about this event, he asks his helper to threaten them. Bhim comes home happy and shows the document to everyone. Bhima Bai, Ganga and all the other children cry tears of joy and share an emotional moment. Later at night, when everyone is asleep, Bhima Bai massages Bhima’s feet and he wakes up. Next morning, Bhima and his mother go the barrister with his fees of Rs. 50 and the signed petition. The barrister and his assistant are surprised to see this. When asked about the same by a helper, who goes along with Bhim, the barrister replies that the court will summon for a hearing the next day.

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