Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R. Ambedkar 6 January 2020 Written Update: Bhim Is Not Allowed To Run

In tonight's episode, Bhim is not allowed to run a race at school. Find out the reason here.

A still from Ek Mahanayak Dr B R Ambedkar

In tonight’s episode of Ek Mahanayk Dr B. R. Ambedkar, we see that there is a function being held in Bhim’s village. Unfortunately, the main singer who is supposed to come from a different village fails to turn up due to ill health. This puts the organisers in a lot of tension as none of the attendants would appreciate going home without a show. They put their minds together and finally decide that they will ask someone from their own village to sing. When asked in the crowd, Bhim tells them that his father is a great singer and he would like him (Bhim’s father) to sing and entertain the entire village.

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The next day, as Bhim is walking with his brothers, he notices the tin of lantern oil in the house of a village woman. When he tells her this tin was stolen from his mother, Bhima Bai, that lady is extremely shocked. She is more disgusted due to the fact that the oil that was meant for Bhim’s family has landed in her house. She immediately asks Bhim to come and take away that oil tin.  As the young child begins to walk towards her, she stops him and tells him that she can’t allow him on her doorstep. What puzzles him more is her next set of actions, where she takes a long stick, passes the tin to him with it and then throws the stick away. Bhim and his brother happily take the oil tin and leave it as a surprise for their mother outside their house.

Soon the three reach school, where everyone is preparing for an upcoming running race competition. Bhim also gets excited as he would like to participate in the competition. When the teachers see him in line, he asks Bhim to run and touch a faraway tree. When Bhim does so, he tells him to not return back as he is not allowed for the race. This makes Bhim feel sad.

In the upcoming episode, we see a motivated Bhim begin to run the race with great speed. But, his PT teacher has a different plan in mind. To find out what happens next, stay tuned and catch the latest episodes of Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R. Ambedkar exclusively on ZEE5.