Encouraging ‘Sex Talk’, Strawberry Milkshake Is A Must-Watch Short Film For Every Parent

How many of us have actually initiated a conversation with our families over sex? Strawberry Shake stars Sumeet Raghavan and Hruta Durgule.

A still from Strawberry Shake

This year let’s be encouraged to have the “Sex Talk.” It’s time to go Strawberry Shake on your parents, relatives, and every aunty that has ever judged you for living your life on your own conditions. This masterpiece by Shoneel Yallattikar is one step closer to regularising the taboo talk. For a single father, it’s all about being friends and being able to have that friendly conversation with his daughter Mrunalini. Sumeet Raghavan as the father is charming and will make you resonate with what he is going through. Hruta Durgule plays the confident and fierce Mrunalini who wants to do what she wants with or without the permission of her father. 

What makes this story different is not that it’s just edgy but the fact that it will make you want to have that long due conversation you always desired. There have been many instances where we want to speak our mind and have a dialogue with others to put forward our opinions, but how many times have we seriously taken an effort or a stand for the same? 

This eye-opening short film is not only sweet but essential. It shares a deep message of conversation and helps you see through the characters. While Sumeet is a single dad searching for his daughter’s validation, the daughter is on a similar boat on another island. The question is: will they be able to see this through and come together as one? This conversation deals with issues that almost every girl is facing. We know we can’t talk to our parents even if our hormones are raging disco, but Hruta conveys this every girl problem with deep sincerity and one can only root for her dynamic, aware persona.

Releasing on 15th April, Strawberry Shake is a film you should not miss. It will lighten up your quarantine and maybe start a conversation.

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