Exlcusive! Tanvi Dogra Feels Gracy Singh Has A Divine Aura Almost Like Santoshi Maa

Tanvi Dogra tells us about starring in her first mythological show 'Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein' with Gracy Singh.

Tanvi Dogra in Santoshi Maa

The popular TV show Santoshi Maa is back with a twist. Gracy Singh appears once again in her role as Santoshi Maa in ‘Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein’. Tanvi Dogra who is doing her first mythological TV show tells us about her transition from an app developer to an actor. She also tells us how she relates her to character Swati, who is the biggest devotee of Santoshi Maa.

Watch the first episode of Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein here.

1. Tell us more about your character of Swati on the show?

My character is the biggest devotee of Santoshi Maa and always wears a locket of Santoshi Maa around her neck. She has unshakable faith in Santoshi Maa and prays to her in good times and bad times.

2. How did you prepare for this role?

While shooting these show you automatically feel devotion. Sometimes while shooting with Ma’am (Gracy Singh) I actually feel like I am with Santoshi Maa herself. She has a divine aura where I feel like all the character’s emotions come naturally to me.

3. How is this Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein different from other mythology shows?

This is not just a mythology show, it is a socio-mythology show. It shows the divine powers and gods but it also shows the life of regular humans and devotees. Santoshi Maa will be seen as a friend who explains the significance of different types of fasts through Swati and Indresh (Aashish Kadian).

4. This is your first mythology show and it’s against an experienced actor like Gracy Singh. How does it feel working with her?

I feel blessed that I get to work with her because I have seen her as a kid of the big screen and danced to her songs. So it is a big honour for me to share screen space with her now.

5.  How did you make the leap from being an app developer to an actor?

I think it is all destiny because I never planned on being an actor. I was doing a job as an engineer and one friend suggested that I take up acting. I remember my brother made my audition clip on my phone. I still find it lucky that I got selected.

6. Since you are a bhakt of Santoshi Maa in real life too. How do you relate to your character is today’s age?

I am a bhakt of Sherwali Maa because I am from Chandigarh. I keep fast every Tuesday. I even believe in Santoshi Mata because she teaches us to be satisfied in life and I feel in today’s age we need to learn to be more satisfied and less greedy.

Catch her entire interview here.

Tanvi Dogra From In Santoshi Maa

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