Farnaz Shetty: I Want To Go On A Quick Date With Narendra Modi

We are quite surprised to hear this.


TV actor Farnaz Shetty is in the happiest phase of her life. We are saying this because the actress has received immense praises for her brilliant portrayal of Siddhi Kundra in And TV’s popular show Siddhivinayak. Now when it comes to fashion, she is one of the most stylish actresses of Indian television, without a doubt. She enjoys a good fan following.

Speaking about date and romance, check out this episode of Siddhivinayak where Siddhi and Vin come close:

Although every guy out there is crazy for Farnaz Shetty and wants to go on a date with her. But surprisingly it isn’t any Bollywood/ TV star but an Indian politician, who the actress wants to go on a date with. No wonder you have already guessed it after reading the title, that the actress wants to go on a date with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Yes! You read that right.

Recently, we came across an interview of Farnaz Shetty where she showed her funny side and gave some witty answers. Upon being asked that who she wants to go on a quickie date with? The actress replied to it, “I want to go on a quickie date with Narendra Modi.”

Well, upon hearing this revelation, we would like to say only one thing, and which is ‘Really!’ Now, we are also wondering that what would be the first reaction of her fans out there about this revelation.

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