From Daayan To Manmohini: Here Are 5 Enchanting TV Shows About Witches

In mood for some supernatural shows? We've rounded up witch-themed recommendations for you which you can watch it on ZEE5.

1. Chandrika from Daayan

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It was the very first episode of the show when we saw this character telling Janhvi about the existence of Daayan. At first, we thought she is the Daayan, but as the show continued we are speculating if she is the real Daayan or not.

Watch the latest episode of Daayan below:

Chitra from Main Bhi Ardhangini

Main Bhi Ardhangini
Source: ZEE5

As we said, not all the spirits are bad! Here is the perfect example of it, as the concept of the show revolves around a wife who dies in an accident but her love for her husband doesn’t end and she comes back in the form of a witch to protect her husband. Watch this interesting story in Main Bhi Ardhangini.

3. Manmohini

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Manmohini is a witch who is waiting for over 500 years to reunite with her lover. Her love has taken rebirth and is married to a girl named Sia. Now the challenge for Manmohini is to separate both the husband and wife to reunite with her lover.

4. Shaitaan Ki Beti - Laal Ishq

Shaitan Ki Beti
Source: ZEE5

Popular TV show Laal Ishq portrays some really interesting stories based on the concept of witches and one such story is of Shaitan Ki Beti. The concept is about a young girl child who was left at the doorsteps of a villager but he then adopted her gave her name Gauri. As she grows older the villager comes to know that she is the child of a Devil.

5 Chetkin - Laal Ishq

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Another interesting story about witches from the same TV show is Chetkin. This story is based on a Lavani dancer who is killed but she loves a guy and wants to marry him. After her death, the boy gets married to another girl due to his family pressure as his mother was against him marrying an infamous dancer. Now the spirit of the dancer comes back into the girl whom the boy married and makes her mother suffer for what she did.

Love horror stories? Watch Laal Ishq on ZEE5.