Gracy Singh On Playing Maa Santoshi On And TV Show: I Think The Goddess Has Chosen Me

Gracy Singh is all set to reprise her role of Santoshi Mata in #SantoshiMaaSunayeinVratKathayein show.

Gracy Singh as Santoshi Maa

Gracy Singh, known for her stint in Bollywood hits Lagaan and Munna Bhai M.B.B.S, returned to the small screen in 2015 with And TV show Santoshi Maa. The actress is now set to reprise her role in the second season of the popular television serial. Ahead of the launch, we spoke to Gracy in a candid conversation about her return to the franchise #SantoshiMaaSunayeinVratKathayein, playing a Goddess on TV and more. Read edited excerpts from the interview below.

Watch an episode of the show below:

1. What brings you back to the show?

The blessings of Goddess Santoshi bring me back. I think Mata Santoshi has chosen me to portray this beautiful, divine and powerful character. Also, the love of the audience has brought me back.

2. How will this show be different from the first season?

This season will be different from the previous one because this time Goddess Santoshi will tell us about the significance of vrat kathas and how to carry out every vrat. Besides, she is coming among her devotees as a human being. She will teach her devotees to fight every obstacle with peace.

3. Are you a devotee of Santoshi Maa yourself?

I have always been a devotee of Santoshi Maa. I believe that is the reason Goddess has chosen me to portray this character. 

4. You made your TV comeback with Santoshi Maa in 2015. When can your fans expect you to see you back in films?

I am sure very soon. In the future, I’d like to be back in films.

5. Are you open to offers for web content? Any reasons why you haven’t ventured into this field yet?

I was focusing on my other projects and dance shows, so I couldn’t do it earlier. But now, I am definitely open to offers from the web.

6. Tell us about your look on the show.

Yes, it took us around one month to finalise and lock the look, that I will be sporting on the show. We tried a lot of looks, different colours, etc. The ornaments also took a lot of time, to get finalised. The ornament is the original temple jewellery from Chennai. We tried many crowns but this golden crown with real crystals was the final pick.

7. Tell us three reasons why fans should look forward to the show.

The first reason is that if you want to get rid of your stresses and feel peace, you should watch the show. Also, if you have any doubts or questions about spirituality, you will find solutions to personal problems, in the stories shown on the serial. Besides, you will also get to know more about India’s spiritual side.

8. You are a trained classical dancer; any chance we’d see you on celebrity dance reality shows?

Yes, I am sure I’d love to be a part of celebrity dance reality shows, but Indian style.

#SantoshiMaaSunayeinVratKathayein will go on air from 28 January 2020, Monday to Friday at 9 pm. Stay tuned for more updates about the show and Gracy Singh.

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