Guddu Episode 11 Review: Will Guddu Lose His Throne To Chugli?

In this episode, Vanmallika's boon goes wrong! Instead of Guddu becoming the king of the jungle, it is Chugli who becomes king.

The 11th episode of the ZEE5 Original series Guddu, is full of some #NonStopBachFUN! The story begins when Vanmallika, the fairy queen, of the jungle, arrives at the place where Guddu and his friends are asleep. She is shouting and asking for help. But Guddu and his friends ignore her. When the vultures appear, and try to get hold of her, Vanmallika runs away, but Guddu gets a glimpse of her before she rushes. At first, he thinks he is dreaming, but soon reality strikes and he realises that his help is needed!

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Guddu and his friends help in saving Vanmallika’s life. She is impressed by Guddu’s act of courage and decides to bless him with a boon. This boon would make him the king and the protector of the jungle, and everyone would follow his orders. 

But as soon as the boon is directed from her wand, Chugli loses his balance and falls off a tree, coming in contact with the magical boon! Chugli becomes Chugleshwar, the king of the jungle ! Everyone is astounded. But Chugleshwar starts giving orders, and treating everyone as slaves. He also orders everyone to act as monkeys, and changes the jungle into a banana forest.

Source: ZEE5Source: ZEE5

Meanwhile, Guddu sets out to find Vanmallika, who has been captured by the vultures. He wants her to reverse the boon, and save his friends Viru, Ballu, and others. Guddu finds Vanmallika in a cave, where the vultures are ready to burn her alive. Guddu thrashes them up and teaches them a lesson. 

He saves Vanmallika yet again. Then he requests her to visit the forest where Chugleshwar is wreaking havoc. When they reach and look at the sorry state of Guddu’s friends, Vanmallika reverses her boon and Chugleshwar becomes Chugli again. He is in a state of surprise looking at the drama around him. When he asks what had happened, Guddu tells him they were playing a game. Chugli tells everyone to continue and the animals shout ‘NO’ unanimously!

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

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