Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 08 May 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Rajesh Bribes Panditji

After getting overloaded with work, Rajesh gets an idea to make Amma help her by bribing Panditji.

Happu Singh with Rajesh and baby

In the previous episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Beni and Rajesh go to pluck mangoes in Avasthi’s farm but get caught and end up in police station. Avasthi calls the commissioner when Happu refuses to register his complaint. Happu somehow manages to convince Avasthi and allows Rajesh to take the mangoes. Later at night, Amma tells Rajesh to make chutney of mangoes after she is done making the pickle.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Rajesh bribes the pandit of the temple to come home and tell Amma that she needs to help Rajesh as it will bring her good luck. Later that day, Kamlesh comes in Kate and Malika’s bedroom and gifts her a cookbook. He tells Kate that she needs to be self-dependent and for that, she needs to learn cooking. Malika who is watching this, warns Kamlesh that whatever dishes Kate makes, he has to eat it all alone else she will beat him again.

Hrithik and Chamchi are craving for Pizza but Rajesh refuses to order it or make it at home. On the other hand, Panditji comes at home and tells Amma that she can control her daughter-in-law if she helps her in the household work for some time. Amma gets excited at the thought of controlling Rajesh and agrees to do so.

Hrithik and Chamchi get an idea to get the pizza from Beni. Both of them go near Beni’s house and act as if they are talking to Bimlesh. They fool Beni by saying that Bimlesh has asked them to call Beni as their Mausa has also told him to order pizza for the kids. Listening to this, Beni gets excited and agrees to order pizza.

Kate makes a burger by referring the book gifted by Kamlesh and offers it to Malika. She refuses to eat it and just then Kamlesh comes there. He gets excited to see the burger made by Kate but when he tries to take a bite of it, his teeth crack he then tells Kate that the burger is delicious but it has become a bit hard.

What new recipe will Kate try next? And will Kamlesh come back to taste it? Keep watching to find out.

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