Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15 April 2019 Written Update: Who Is The Funniest – Amma Or Rajesh?

Happu Singh is confused, as his wife and mother are again competing with each other for being the wittiest.


In today’s episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, we saw Happu Singh asking Rajesh that if his kid has slept or not, to this, she gives a witty answer saying to ask the baby himself. Hearing this everyone starts laughing except Amma, Chamchi and Happu. Hrithik then says that his mother (Rajesh) has a good sense of humour.

Watch the latest episode below:

Hearing this, even Katori Amma starts boasting about humour and Rajesh also joins her. Happu then asks Amma and Rajesh to present their talent before everyone so that they also can enjoy it. Rajesh then says a joke but nobody laughs other than Happu. Seeing this, Amma tells another joke and again only Happu laughs on it. Late at night Happu comes to have his paan and calls his friend Beni. Beni sees Happu being happy about his life and asks the reason for his happiness. Happu then tells him that he won’t understand the happiness of all the ladies sitting together and smiling.

Beni then tells him that it might be the hint of some problems waiting to enter in his life. Happu then gets irritated with him and asks him to go back home. Next day, Amma is talking to his father and Happu comes with alcohol for her mother. She then asks him why was he laughing so much on his wife’s jokes. Happu then tells her that he was laughing on Amma’s joke and not Rajesh’s. Amma then slaps Happu for lying to her.

Kamlesh comes to meet Kate as he has come to tell that she is also the part of her play. He then tries to explain the play to Kate. Kamlesh then suggests asking if her father Happu will play the role of  Yamraj’s buffalo. Hearing this Malika starts beating Kamlesh and Kate then asks Malika to leave him and Kamlesh runs away.

Happu then comes to his bedroom and Rajesh asks him that why was he laughing so much on Amma’s jokes and not hers. Happu then tries to convince his love that he did smile but she doesn’t trust him at all. He then tries to come close to Rajesh but instead, she beats him.

Will Happu manage to convince his mother and wife without hurting them? Keep watching to know more.

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