Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16 April 2019 Preview: Chamchi And Hritik To Get Happu In Trouble

Chamchi and Hrithik update Amma and Rajesh about how Happu Singh feels about their jokes, and this will not end well for Happu.

Happu Singh smiling

In today’s episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Rajesh and Amma are in the race to become the most humorous in the family. They both boast about themselves and tell everyone how they were famous for their jokes. Happu then asks both of them to tell jokes and both Amma and Rajesh tell a joke on which only Happu laughs and rest everyone is silent as if nothing happened.

In the preview of the next episode:

In the preview we see, Chamchi is telling Amma that she saw Happu telling Beni that he doesn’t feel like laughing on Amma’s jokes at all. Amma then gets angry on Happu saying how dare Happu made fun of Amma’s sense of humour. On the other side, Hrithik tells Rajesh that he heard Happu say to Beni that the laughter he showed to everyone on hearing Rajesh’s joke was all fake. He also told that he feels like crying after hearing Rajesh’s jokes.

Amma and Rajesh both are waiting for Happu to come home so that he can clarify.

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