Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16 April 2019 Written Update: Happu’s Fake Laugh Creates Problems

Happu's fake laughter lands him in trouble with Rajesh and Amma.


In today’s episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Happu comes in the veranda of the house to have tea with Katori Amma. He sees Amma listening to sad songs and shuts off the radio immediately and tells her that she should start her day with nice happy songs or listening to jokes instead of listening to such sad songs. Amma then tries to taunt Rajesh but instead, Rajesh replies to her with sarcasm and listening to this Happu starts laughing.

Watch the latest episode below:

Seeing Amma getting angry, Happu tries to convince Amma that she is the only person who has the best sense of humour and there is no competition for her. Amma gets happy and tells another joke to Happu on which Happu gives a burst of fake laughter. Rajesh sees Happu laughing at Amma’s jokes.

While leaving for the police station, Happu finds that one button of his uniform is missing and asks Rajesh to help him with it. Rajesh then asks him to get it done by Amma as he was laughing on Amma’s joke a lot. He then promises her to laugh on her joke even more and after agreeing on this term, Rajesh helps him with the button and tells him a joke. Happu again enacts fake laughter as he did on Amma’s joke.

Later, Happu while going to the police station meets Beni near the pan shop and tells him how he has to enact fake laughter on Amma and Rajesh’s jokes. While he is telling it to Beni, Chamchi and Hrithik hear him, Chamchi then tells this to Amma and Hritik tells it to Rajesh. Both Amma and Rajesh get angry on Happu and wait for him to come home.

Kamlesh comes to meet Kate dressed as Yamraj and while parking his bike, the stray dogs start barking at him. He then tries to get rid of the dogs by talking to them in his unique English. Kate comes down and calls Kamlesh as Yummy Raj and loves his moustache. He then gives her the saree to get ready so that they can rehearse.

Kamlesh is trying to search for a person who will play the character of Buffalo who will be the ride of the Hindu god Yamraj. Kate then suggests Beni for the role of the buffalo. Beni refuses to play the role but then Kate promises him that she if he plays the role then she will get his marriage fixed with Bimlesh. Hearing this Beni agrees to play the role.

What will happen when Happu returns home and finds out that his secret is revealed? Keep watching to know more.

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