Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17 April 2019 Written Update: Happu’s Fake Laughter Saves The Day

The fight between Amma and Rajesh, about who’s the most humorous person, continues.


In today’s episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Happu gets a call from Amma and Rajesh and they threaten him to come home so that they can question him about what he had told to Beni. Hearing this Happu gets scared to face both the ladies. 

Watch the latest episode below:

Before going home, Happu meets Beni and asks him to accompany him as he feels that if he goes alone then he will have to hear a lot from both Amma and Rajesh. He then calls Beni and walks towards his house. At home, everyone is having dinner and Happu and Beni sit aside and try to start a topic. Rajesh then asks Beni if he will have food. Beni says that he has already had dinner and doesn’t like the vegetable that has been made. Rajesh then tells her that the recipe was suggested by Bimlesh and hearing Bimlesh’s name, Beni agrees to have it.

Everyone starts laughing at him and Happu says that Rajesh has a great sense of humour. Amma gives a look at him and saying nobody has laughed except him. Beni then tries to divert the topic and gives an example of Eklavya who gave his finger to his teacher. Listening to this, Kate asks who was Eklavya; Amma then taunts Happu saying he was the student of Dronacharya just like Happu is of his wife. On this joke of Amma, only Chamchi laughs and everyone is seen silent.

In the next scene, Happu comes to talk to Amma and gets a tight slap from her for not laughing at her joke. Happu then tells her that no matter what she has the most uniques sense of humour and there is no competition for her. Amma then gets happy and tells him a joke and he again enacts of laughing as he was doing earlier.

After this is done, Happu goes to his bedroom and sees that Rajesh is upset on him for not laughing at her jokes. Happu then romantically tries to convince Rajesh that Amma is old now and needs to feel good that is why he does in front of Amma. Otherwise he personally loves Rajesh’s jokes more than anyone else’s.

How will Happu get out of this situation? Keep watching to know more.

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