Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20 May 2019 Written Update Episode: Malika Finds Out About Babloo

While watering the plants, Malika pours some water on Babloo and gets shocked to see Babloo changing his colour from black to white.

Malika from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

In the previous episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, the delivery guy comes home but Rajesh smartly applies a face pack so that he won’t be able to recognise her. This works out well for Rajesh as the delivery guy gets scared and runs away after seeing her. Happu brings a white chicken and asks Beni to colour it black. Later that day, Happu shows the new Babloo to Amma and she gets happy. Everybody else is convinced except for Malika.

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In tonight’s episode, Amma calls Atbir mama to inform him about Happu found Babloo. Happu, Rajesh and Beni are happy that their plan worked out and Amma has no idea about the real Babloo. Malika is still curious about Babloo, this makes Happu angry and he scolds her doubting him as he is her father. Amma asks him to cooldown and tells everyone to return to their rooms.

Next morning, Malika is watering the plants and sees Babloo the rooster in the veranda. She pours some water on him thinking he might have got dirty after being out of the house. But instead, she gets shocked when the chicken changes its colour from black to white. Amma hears her voice and comes out. Seeing the chicken turned white, she calls Happu and all the other family members.

She comes to know that Rajesh, Happu, Hrithik, Ranbir, Kate and Beni have eaten the real Babloo and decided to fool her by colouring the white chicken into black. She gets angry on all of them and gets upset for Babloo’s loss. Khodilal i.e. Happu’s father makes her understand that it was done by mistake and if she really wants to do a pooja for his peace then she shouldn’t have kept this restriction of not eating non-veg because when he was alive he loved eating Non-Veg food and that defeats the whole purpose.

Amma gets convinced by Khodilal and tells Beni to cook chicken for everyone. After the problem gets solved, Happu comes to his bedroom and sees that Rajesh is having back pain. As a loving husband, he massages Rajesh. The other day, Amma wakes up and calls for Chai. Happu comes with the chai and tells Amma that since Rajesh is not well he decided to help her in the household work. 

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