Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21 February 2020 Written Update: Resham Pal Follows Happu’s Orders

In tonight's episode, we see Resham Pal following orders of the newly appointed commissioner Happu Singh. Find out the details inside.

In tonight’s episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, we see Happu telling Resham Pal to follow his orders. Rajesh hands over Happu’s tiffin box and Happu orders Resham Pal to hold it. They both then leave the house. Rajesh and Amma, on the other hand, are worried about Happu finding out the truth. Both of them confess that they have not slept the previous night. Amma tells her that she’ll think of something and calls Benny for help. After a while, both Amma and Rajesh request Benny to help them. The latter tells them that they are reminded of Benny only when the family is in trouble. Benny agrees to help them but says that he will step away from it if the matter is stretched.

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Later, Happu says that he had a great day at the police station. Everyone was admiring Happu as he became the commissioner. He reveals that his mere presence is beginning to terrify people. Happu is elated that people have started respecting him. Rajesh and Amma laugh at the same. After a while, a masked man enters their house and threatens Happu and his family. The masked man then asks Amma to give him all the ornaments that she has. Later, Happu realises that Benny is the one behind the mask. He beats the latter up for threatening him. Benny reveals that Amma and Rajesh asked him to trouble Happu. Amma then asks Rajesh to tell Happu the truth. Just then, Resham Pal enters their house in the commissioner’s clothes.

Resham Pal reveals that the fraud company agents have been arrested. He then asks Happu to come to his house the next day to collect Amma’s ornaments. Resham Pal says that he will give the ornaments back, only if Happu apologises to him and his wife. After a while, Happu says that he will overlook the extra classes that his children are going. Kat tells him that she’ll look into it. Happu asks her not to. Meanwhile, the principal is still playing at the stall, put up by Happu’s children. Just then, Happu enters and catches him red-handed.

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