Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24 May 2019 Written Update: Amma And Rajesh Regret Their Behaviour

After knowing that the outsiders were trying to instigate them; both Amma and Rajesh regret listening to them.


In the previous episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Rajesh requests Happu to make tea for Amma but he is confused as Amma has warned him to stop helping Rajesh. He then calls Beni and requests him to make tea for Amma. Later that day, Hrithik and Chamchi are ready to go to school but since Kamlesh is badly injured they ask Rajesh and Happu to drop them. Hearing this, Amma hints Happu to make an excuse and ask Rajesh to do so. Having no other option he again asks Beni for help.

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In tonight’s episode, Rajesh’s friend Karishma is still there and tells her that if she doesn’t control her husband then he will become Mumma’s boy. Chamchi who is passing from there hears it and decides to tell it to Amma. Sometime later, Nargis mausi comes to meet Amma and tells her that she should keep her son in check else Rajesh will start controlling him and make him do the household chores. Hrithik hears this and just like Chamchi he decides to tell it to Rajesh.

At the police station, Happu calls Beni to ask for suggestion to sort out the problem in his house. Beni tells him that if he wishes to stay away from the confusion then he needs to get injured just like Kamlesh so that no one will ask him to do anything. Happu doesn’t agree to it but Beni with the help of a havaldar beats Happu. Back at home, Chamchi and Hrithik tell what they heard from Nargis Mausi and Karishma to Amma and Rajesh respectively. Both the ladies get angry on the outsiders who tried to incite them about each other.

In the evening, Amma asks Rajesh about her friend Karishma if she has gone. Rajesh replies saying she asked her to leave as she was trying to manipulate her and used to tell her to control her husband and make him do the household work. Even Amma admits that Beni’s mausi was trying to instigate her by asking to tell Happu to stop helping Rajesh. They both feel bad for listening to outsiders and decide to stop behaving badly with each other.

When Happu comes home, he sees Amma and Rajesh hugging each other and regrets for breaking his hand. 

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