Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25 April 2019 Written Update: Whom Will Happu Help: Rajesh Or Amma?

Happu gets confused who is telling the truth, Amma's relative or Rajesh's friend.

Daroga Happu SIngh

In the previous episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Raju, a guy who also belongs to Amma’s native comes asking for help as his wife and her other family members torture him. Amma calls Happu and tells about Raju. Happu calls Raju’s father-in-laws at the police station and warns him that if he or any of his family member try to torture Raju then he will arrest all of them. Later at night, Rajesh asks Happu to help her friend as her husband treats her badly. Happu then promises Rajesh that the next day he will call her husband in the police station and make him understand his fault.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Kamlesh is studying with Kate and while teaching her the subject he starts flirting with her. Seeing this Malika comes in the bedroom and starts beating Kamlesh. But he somehow manages to run away from there. But just when he is getting down from the ladder, a lady enters the house and Kamlesh keeps hanging so that he doesn’t get caught.

The lady is Rajesh’s friend Sarika, who has come to ask for help from Rajesh as her husband troubles her. Happu then tells Sarika that he will call him and make him understand until then she can stay at their home. Next morning, Raju comes to meet Happu, and Happu after knowing he is Sarika’s husband starts beating Raju. While he is beating, Amma arrives. Happu gets shocked to see that Amma knows Raju and that he belongs to Amma’s native.

Now, Happu regrets beating Raju and says sorry by kissing him on his cheeks. Sarika and Rajesh see this and get surprised as they expected Happu to beat Raju and not kiss him. Happu then tries to tell Sarika that Raju belongs to Amma’s native which is why he cannot beat him. Rajesh then tells Happu that Raju should apologise to Sarika or else she won’t talk to Happu.

Happu then goes to Raju and tries to convince him that as a man he has to understand and take a step back.
Hearing this Amma gets angry on Happu and tells him that Raju won’t apologise to anyone as Sarika should realise that it’s her mistake.

Happu gets confused whom to help and goes to Beni. Beni is still upset about Bimlesh’s wedding and starts crying.

What will Happu do and how will he find out who is wrong and who is right? Keep watching to know more.

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