Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26 April 2019 Written Update: Happu Goes To Police Station In Lungi

While Amma and Rajesh are fighting over Sarika and Raju, Happu decides to go to the police station to relax.


In the previous episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Happu comes to Beni to enjoy drinks but sees that Beni is upset over Bimlesh’s wedding. Happu tries to convince him to look at the better picture, but fails. At night, Rajesh’s friend Sarika comes to her house to ask for help from Happu. Next morning Happu calls Sarika’s husband and starts beating him for troubling Sarika. Just then Amma comes and sees Happu beating Raju and gets angry on Happu. Happu then comes to know that Raju, who is Amma’s relative, is Sarika’s husband.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Happu is seen in his lungi entering through the gate. He gets confused about whether he should go to Rajesh or Amma as both of them are eagerly waiting for his decision about Sarika and Raju. Happu gets an idea to go to the police station so that he can get some mental peace.

In the afternoon, commissioner visits the police station along with the minister. After seeing Happu not being in his uniform the minister questions commissioner for such unprofessional behaviour. The commissioner tells the minster that he is not a policeman as he is a cleaner who works in the police station.

Later at night, Happu returns home thinking everyone must have slept by then. Just when he enters the house Amma and Rajesh both catch Happu and start the argument. While both of them are taunting each other, Raju and Sarika come to meet Rajesh and Amma and tell them that their fight has been sorted and now they are together. 

Seeing this, Happu gets shocked and looks at Amma and Rajesh. Both the ladies start talking nicely with each other and go into the kitchen. Happu goes to Beni and sees him being upset over Bimlesh’s wedding. He tells Happu to call Bimlesh and ask if she is getting married to the guy or not. Bimlesh surprisingly answers that she wasn’t interested in the guys as she just wanted to have chaat that is why she went with him. Beni jumps with joy and starts dancing.

Will Bimlesh ever agree to marry Beni? Keep watching to know more.

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