Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26 November 2019 Written Update: Happu Gifts The Necklace To Amma

In tonight's episode, Rajesh invites her friends to show off her new gold necklace but apparently Happu gives it to Amma.

A still from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

In the previous episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, a lawyer comes home and tells Amma that she has a won a case and in return, she will now get 1-5 lakh rupees. He hands over the cash to Happu Singh and just then Rajesh hints him to buy her a necklace. In the evening, Happu buys a necklace and tells Rajesh to call her friends to show off her new necklace.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Amma tells Khodilal that she is expecting a gift from Happu since he has got lakh rupees. The latter asks her to limit her expectations because if Happu does not get anything then she might get hurt.

Happu comes with the gold necklace and all the kids get excited to know what it is. He tells them that he has brought a gift for Rajesh and if they wish to see it then they need to come in the kitchen and help him to surprise Rajesh. When Happu enters the house he hears Amma talking to Khodilal about expecting a gift from her only son Happu. He gets emotional and gives the necklace to Amma. 

Meanwhile, Rajesh welcomes her friends and tells them that Happu has brought a gold necklace for her. The moment they enter the house, they see Happu gifting the necklace to Amma. Now, Rajesh feels embarrassed in front of her friends. Later at night, Rajesh asks Happu to get of the house. 

In the preview of the next episode, Amma shows her gold necklace to Rajesh and tells her that Happu brought it especially for her.

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