Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27 May 2019 Written Update Episode: Rajesh To Sing For A Music Album

Beni's friend Pappi Lehri comes home and tells everyone that he wants Rajesh to sing a song for his upcoming album.

Kamna Pathak

In the previous episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Hrithik and Chamchi both tell Rajesh and Amma respectively that they are being manipulated by Nargis Mausi and Karishma. At the police station, Happu calls Beni and asks him for a solution which ends up getting his hand injured. Beni tells him that if he himself is injured then no one will ask him to work. Later at night, when Happu comes home, he sees Rajesh and Amma hugging each other which makes him regret his decision.

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In tonight’s episode, Rajesh is in the veranda of the house singing, while doing her household chores. She sees a person starring at her and before he could utter a single word, she starts beating him. A few moments later, Beni comes there asks Rajesh to stop beating his friend. He tells Rajesh that the person she was beating is a great singer and a music composer, Pappi Lehri.

At home, Malaika is thinking of doing noble work for the society when she becomes Miss World. Kamlesh tells her that if she wishes to do something good for the society then she shouldn’t wait for the title. For the first time, Malaika agrees to what Kamlesh is saying and the three of them decide to have a blood donation camp. Later that day, Beni and his friend Pappi Lehri come home and tell Amma, Happu and Rajesh that he liked the voice of Rajesh and wants her to sing a song in his upcoming album.

Everyone is excited about Rajesh’s first album and as asked by Pappy Lehri, she is rehearsing while doing her household work. Amma comes to the kitchen and interrupts Rajesh while singing. She tells her that her rhythm is incorrect and she is sounding bad. This becomes the reason for a new competition in the house as Rajesh challenges Amma to sing before Pappi Lehri and even impress him. The latter accepts the challenge and tells her that she will prove her singing skills.

At the blood donation camp, no one has yet come and Malaika feels that it is because people are confused with the spelling. To bring people to the camp and make it successful, Kate gives 3oo rupees to Chamchi and Hrithik.

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