Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29 April 2019 Written Update: Who Is Short Tempered, Amma Or Rajesh?

Happu tries to convince Rajesh to control her anger, but fails.

Amma Angry On Happu

In the previous episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Happu tries to stay away from the argument but the moment he enters the house, Amma and Rajesh both come to him and start arguing about Sarika and Raju. A few moments later, Sarika and Raju come to the Daroga house and tell everyone that the disputes between them are now sorted and both of them are happy. Seeing this, Happu looks at Amma and Rajesh who pretend to talk normally with each other as if nothing happened.

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In tonight’s episode, Master Ji comes home to complain about Hrithik that he is being violent in the school and beats other students. Happu tells the teacher that he has no idea how did he become so violent as their family is a peace-loving family. While talking to the teacher, Katori Amma comes out of her room and threatens the other person on the phone call saying she is the mother of Daroga Happu Singh. A few moments later, Rajesh comes out from her bedroom and threatens a person on her phone saying she is the wife of daroga Happu Singh. Seeing this, the teacher is now sure that Hrithik has learnt this from his family only.

Later at night, Happu goes to Amma and tries to convince her that as the eldest person in the house she should understand and let go of Rajesh’s anger. Hearing this Amma slaps Happu and tells him to stop convincing her.

Happu comes to his bedroom and asks Rajesh to control her anger as Amma is old now and because of her age, she has anger issues. Rajesh tells Happu to not talk to him if he thinks that way and tells him that she is not going to control anything as she knows that she is not wrong.

At night, Kamlesh comes to meet Kate but brings sweets for Malika. Seeing this Kate feels jealous and both of them have an argument. Malika tries to calm down both of them but Kate being angry on Kamlesh tells him to get out of the house. Kamlesh tells Kate that he won’t come to her house ever again.

How will Happu make everyone realise that everyone is becoming short-tempered day by day?

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