Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4 June 2019 Written Update: Amma Thrashes Happu For Revealing Secret

While Happu tells Rajesh about his Mausi who ran away, Chamchi hears their conversation and informs Amma. Knowing this, Amma gets angry on Happu.


In the previous episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Puppi Lehri comes home to announce the singer and tells everyone that it was a tough choice but he finalised Rajesh. Amma gets happy that her daughter-in-law will be singing for an album but Rajesh refuses to sing as she feels bad for Amma. She asks Puppi to take Amma instead. Puppi comes up with a solution to select both the ladies. Finally, Amma and Rajesh record their first song in the studio.

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In tonight’s episode, Amma tells Rajesh to make Mung Dal Ka Halwa (a dessert) for lunch. Rajesh gets surprised as no one in the house likes it so she asks her for whom it is. Happu interrupts between them and tells Rajesh that its the favourite of his Chatto Mausi. Amma immediately hints Happu to change the topic and not reveal the secret. He tries to cover up acting as if he didn’t say anything and walks away from Amma’s room.

When Rajesh comes to her bedroom, she sees Happu getting ready for his work. She tells him that she already noticed the mother-son jodi, when they were trying to hide something from her. She convinces Happu to tell the secret and he tells her Amma’s sister aka Chatto Mausi ran away with a guy before her marriage. He says that Amma is angry on that guy who made her do so. While he is talking to Rajesh, Chamchi hears their conversation and tells it to Amma.

Amma immediately calls Happu and thrashes him for revealing the secret to Rajesh. Later that day, Rajesh is upset with Amma and tells her that she is also a member of this family. Amma tells her about the story of her sister Chatori who ran away with a guy named Prakash Jhajuriya. She says that the day she meets him again she will thrash him like anything. Listening to the name of the guy, Rajesh gets surprised.

She goes back to her bedroom and calls her Mama as his name is also Prakash Jahjuriya. Upon talking to him Rajesh comes to know that he is the same guy who ran away with Chatto Mausi.

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