Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Highlights: Happu Gets Beaten Up By His Own Children

In his constant efforts to make Amma exercise, Happu decides to disguise as a thief to scare his mother. However, in the process, he gets beaten.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu and Rajesh plan to scare Amma and make her run as she needs to exercise, as suggested by the doctor. Happu then disguises as a thief and scares Amma and tells her if she wants to save her life then she has to run away. But apparently, the kids along with Beni catch hold of the thief and start beating him.

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In the last week of the show we saw, Happu is beaten up by his friend and his own children but he does not reveal himself. Later when the whole house is asking for Happu, he comes to his bedroom and acts as if he was asleep. Malika then notices the mark of her ring on Happu’s face. Rajesh somehow manages to make everyone believe that Happu was sleeping.

Amma then doubts that the thief was none other than Happu who wants to kill her. At night, Beni decides to ask Happu about his plans while having drinks but Happu doesn’t tell anything about his plans but clarifies to Beni that his mother is the most important person to him.

Kamlesh sees a costly mobile phone on the road and picks it up and decides to give it to Kat so that they can chat overnight. He then goes to her bedroom through the window. He then wakes up Kat and surprises her with the mobile phone. Seeing this Kat gets happy but tells him that sadly she cannot accept any kind of gifts from strangers. Kamlesh then emotionally blackmails him saying if she doesn’t accept his gift then he will commit suicide, hearing this Kat accepts it.

While leaving from Kat’s house, Happu catches Kamlesh and asks him about what is he doing here at late night that too near Kat’s window. Kamlesh then tells him that he came to take notes from Kat. Happu gets angry over this and scolds him for doing all the studies at night saying he knows everything that has been going behind his back.

Next day, Rajesh tells Hrithik that he has to throw a peel of Banana under Happu’s foot so that falls on the ground and cannot dance anymore. As usual, Hrithik asks for something in return and Rajesh promises him to recharge his mobile if he does the work.

Happu then comes into the kitchen and asks Rajesh that why is she angry with Amma. She then tells him that she wanted to dance with Happu instead of Amma, but Chamchi overhears their talk and informs Amma. The episode ends with Amma calling Happu and Rajesh and asking them about the dance partner.

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