Happu Ki Ultan Paltan: Who Will Handle The Household #Budget2020 Better, Amma Or Rajesh?

Rajesh tells Amma that she can manage the house in just Rs. 10,000 and the two put a bet on it. Who will win the bet: Rajesh or Amma? VOTE now.

A Still From Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan is a spin-off series of the popular AndTV show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain and shows the clumsy and hilarious police officer, Happu Singh, caught between his parents, wife and nine mischievous children. Happu is always swung back and forth between his mother Katori Amma and his wife, Rajesh. Their sweet and sour wisecracks often make trouble for Happu, and in the upcoming episode of the serial,  you will get to witness the ultimate banter that will make you cry with laughter.

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Amma and Rajesh get into a fight about who can handle the household budget better, as managing the same with Happu’s salary is getting difficult. Rajesh tells Amma that she can manage the house in just Rs. 10,000 and the two bet and the bet is set! Meanwhile, to get more money, Happu invites his senior police official for dinner and asks Rajesh to get an expensive wine bottle, so that they can impress him. To fit this expense in her budget, Rajesh puts cheap wine in an expensive bottle and serves it to the senior officer. When the same officer is invited for the second time to make up for the mess that Rajesh created,  Amma does the same thing to win the bet from Rajesh.

We all do such silly things to save money at times, but it is always better to involve all members of the family in the budgeting sessions so that such mishaps can be avoided. Agreed? You can understand from this incident, that since Rajesh is young and more well-versed with the world, she might just have better ideas to manage the money.  However, with Amma’s experience in managing the household, together they can make the best team, to take care of the family. It’s the best of both worlds, what say? They definitely need to be more patient with one another, given how they are always at loggerheads. But if they get past that, no one can stop this duo from becoming a force to be reckoned with! 

While that’s our opinion, you let us know what’s the best option for them according to you. Cast your vote in the box below. 

Who According To You Will Be Better At Handling The Household Budget?
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